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Blockchain Project Development

Brief summary about blockchain development services

Token Sales Portal Design & Implementation
Token Sale Structure & Bonus Tiering
API's, DAPPs, & User Platforms
Blockchain as a Service (BAAS)
Whitepaper Writing & Review
Smart Contract Creation
Wallet Generation
Capital Sourcing
Team Sourcing

Business Consulting & Advising

Make improvements and increase the efficiency
of your existing business model

Community Management & PR Assistance
Business Management Consulting
Individual Project Management
Partnership Negotiations
Marketing Strategies
Process Improvements
Start Up Assistance
Efficiency Analysis
Strategic Planning
Capital Sourcing

Graphic Design

Graphic design is important in sales and marketing of a product
and is a critial component in producing brochures, logos, and other marketing content

Custom Designed Website Layouts
Informational Brochure Design
Organized Stylish Reports
Magazine & Book Layouts
Advertisement Materials
Digital Signage
Logo Design



Ventures that have allowed us to connect and work
with a number of valuable clients and partners


Development Team

Meet the team that makes Ledger Leap's gears turn

Matt Herrick

Co-Founder, CEO

Matthew Herrick established a franchise network in 2008 to bring mobile MNVO solutions from SK Telecom into new scalable retail pipelines through brands such as Helio. After the SK acquisition by Virgin Mobile, he was recruited to manage real estate acquisitions for a prominent private equity fund, spending four years in the PE sector focused on growth, analysis, and deal flow. Upon the emergence of blockchain technology, he used his understanding of the industry to co-found the Deed platform with Charles Wismer, a solution later awarded as 2018’s Most Innovative use of Blockchain Technology in Real Estate by the Blockchain World Conference. Utilizing the platform and tech that made Deed revolutionary, Herrick co-founded Ledger Leap, a blockchain design company that builds and launches solutions for today’s leading tech companies. Their clients include IBM Xprize award-winners along with OpenTable and Priceline founders. Herrick has advised some of the top ICOs, exchanges, conferences and leading venture funds. He has been featured in Inc Magazine, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and NASDAQ as one of the foremost experts in BaaS. His industry spanning experience allows him to uniquely analyze distributed ledger strategies to balance effectivity, sustainability, risk, and scaling.

Charles Wismer

Co-Founder, COO

Charles Wismer has an intensive background of applying technical solutions to evolve commercial sectors, beginning with the construction of a fraud-fighting commission tracking system, originally designed to improve the efficiency of his retail stores, and later deployed nationwide by T-Mobile’s authorized dealer network in 2011. Post telecom, he has enhanced the operations of disaster relief operations for FEMA as an independent contractor, before bridging into real estate to design formulas to automate profit discovery in foreclosure exposed markets. Once distributed ledger technology advanced as a commercially viable alternative to current solutions, he co-founded Ledger Leap with Matthew Herrick and began building industry-centric blockchain solutions for enterprise. He is an industry leader in designing, developing, and deploying next generation enterprise blockchain architectures, spanning from pending patents in healthcare to live real estate solutions as a Co-Founder of the Deed platform. His work with Ledger Leap has allowed his clients to surpass current competition in logistics, commodities distribution, travel, internet connectivity, data monetization, and global payments. 

Thomas Spangler

Co-Founder, CTO

Thomas is a blockchain and crypto enthusiast. Designer and architect of the world's first ICO sales platform that integrates credit card merchant processing and real SAFT token air-drop system for investors. Thomas oversees fullstack development, system integration, and platform security for Ledger Leap's client base.

Joe Davies

Community Management Specialist

Joe is a community managment specialist who prides himself in 24/7 hands on services with a team of professionals in all time zones, ready to respond to any situation, including security and cyber attacks. also included is bot creation and maintenance and 100% spam control. He also offers top tier social media managment that includes professional graphic creation and outreach across all social channels daily with quick responce to quires on all social platforms, these service can be tweaked for the needs of the client.

Sam Mihal

Graphic Design

An entrepreneur with years of experience in technology and venture capital. Dean has been a founder, CEO and investor in many early stage and growth companies and is passionate about helping build companies that are making a positive impact in the world.

Tessa Wismer

Community Outreach Specialist

Tessa Wismer applies her decade long management experience in branding, telecom, and customer optimization as a consultant to emerging startups. Her direct focus increases customer conversion rates and decreases acquisition costs through optimizing a go-to-marker strategy for branding partnerships and marketing.


Website & App

Brief summary of web and app development services we offer

Full Stack Development & Programming
Industy Standard Frameworks
Innovative, Flexible Designs
Owasp Security Compliance
Web Hosting Assistance
Domain Establishment
VR Environments
Best Practices

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