Blockchain Development

Smart Contract Design and Token Economics

Ledger Leap’s smart contract team has spent the last three years helping incumbents and disrupters alike, design or due-diligence smart contracts and token economies. We solve complex design requirements by drawing on our extensive experience and proven processes to achieve the unique goals of our clients, including:

  • Government & Policy Groups
  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Startups
  • Venture Capital & Private Equity Funds
  • Corporate Enterprises & Financial Institutions
  • Technology Incubators & Accelerators

We are there for our clients from conception to ongoing governance all the way through to their exit, providing services like:

  • Economics & Governance Project Roadmap
  • Foundational Tokenomics
  • Risk Assessment Analysis Report
  • Economics & Governance Design: dApps, Protocol, Exchange, Token Curated Registries


Smart Contract audits are mission critical. A "smart contract" is the most crucial piece of your techni$

  • 29% of smart contracts have critical vulnerabilities
  • 64% of smart contracts have at least one security issue

Serving clients ranging from top venture capital firms, PE funds, banking and tech incumbents, our team has analyzed more smart contracts than practically anyone else in the space. This means there is no one more qualified to help you navigate the elaborate complexity of the blockchain universe.

Industries That Will Soon Be Disrupted By Blockchain

Let's face it. Many people are resistant to technological changes in both their personal lives and at the office. However, what they often lack is the vision to see how the new technology they are resisting will improve their lives in the future. Emerging technologies are...

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