Implementing Blockchains And Distributed Infrastructure

Potential applications for harnessing the power of distributed infrastructure technology. Distributed infrastructure technology has many potential applications, through its abilities to dis-intermediate, reconcile and scale. The following potential applications could harness the power of the technology.
Clearing and settlement

A distributed infrastructure solution could potentially replace a clearing house or exchange’s infrastructure by allowing the activities to be performed directly peer-to-peer. Such an infrastructure in clearing and settlement allows for dis-intermediation, and, as a result, potential reductions to time and costs.

Trade finance and supply chain management

With the ability for any party in the chain to record its activity and for any other party to verify the activity, the technology may allow for more efficient, less burdensome trade finance and supply chain management for buyers, suppliers, transporters and financiers.

Closed economies and loyalty points

Other use cases may benefit from the immutable ledger’s ability to automatically reconcile multiple sources. Companies that offer credit card rewards programs, through which customers earn redeemable points or miles when purchasing goods, often find it difficult to reconcile the points earned to the points redeemed.

Insurance claims management

A distributed ledger could enable the insurer and various third parties involved in the process to easily and instantly access and update relevant information regarding a claim (e.g., claim forms, evidence, police reports, third-party expertise reports).

Internet of Things applications

When combined with distributed infrastructure technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), can significantly expand the ROI of an asset — its utilization.

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