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At Ledger Leap, we have a leadership team that sets a single strategy and agenda. These pioneers allow us to make decisions and support exceptional client service wherever in the world our clients do business. These individuals make up our most senior management body and focuses on strategy, execution and operations. They bring together all the elements of our organization, including our functions, service lines, strategy and processes.

Charles Wismer

Co-Founder, CEO

Charles Wismer has an intensive background of applying technical solutions to evolve commercial sectors, beginning with the construction of a fraud-fighting commission tracking system, originally designed to improve the efficiency of his retail stores, and later deployed nationwide by T-Mobile’s authorized dealer network in 2011. Post telecom, he has enhanced the operations of disaster relief operations for FEMA as an independent contractor, before bridging into real estate to design formulas to automate profit discovery in foreclosure exposed markets. Once distributed ledger technology advanced as a commercially viable alternative to current solutions, he co-founded Ledger Leap with Matthew Herrick and began building industry-centric blockchain solutions for enterprise. He is an industry leader in designing, developing, and deploying next generation enterprise blockchain architectures, spanning from pending patents in healthcare to live real estate solutions as a Co-Founder of the Deed platform. His work with Ledger Leap has allowed his clients to surpass current competition in logistics, commodities distribution, travel, internet connectivity, data monetization, and global payments.

Matt Herrick

Co-Founder, COO

Matthew Herrick established a franchise network in 2008 to bring mobile MNVO solutions from SK Telecom into new scalable retail pipelines through brands such as Helio. After the SK acquisition by Virgin Mobile, he was recruited to manage real estate acquisitions for a prominent private equity fund, spending four years in the PE sector focused on growth, analysis, and deal flow. Upon the emergence of blockchain technology, he used his understanding of the industry to co-found the Deed platform with Charles Wismer, a solution later awarded as 2018’s Most Innovative use of Blockchain Technology in Real Estate by the Blockchain World Conference. Utilizing the platform and tech that made Deed revolutionary, Herrick co-founded Ledger Leap, a blockchain design company that builds and launches solutions for today’s leading tech companies. Their clients include IBM Xprize award-winners along with OpenTable and Priceline founders. Herrick has advised some of the top ICOs, exchanges, conferences and leading venture funds. He has been featured in Inc Magazine, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and NASDAQ as one of the foremost experts in BaaS. His industry spanning experience allows him to uniquely analyze distributed ledger strategies to balance effectivity, sustainability, risk, and scaling.

Ledger Leap refers to the global organization, and may refer to one or more, of the member firms of Ledger Leap Inc, each of which is a separate legal entity. Ledger Leap Limited, a US company limited by guarantee, does not provide services to clients.
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