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Ledger Leap’s Blockchain team bridges the gap between the exponentially innovative nature of blockchain technology and the complexity of existing enterprise system environments. We collaborate closely with our clients through their blockchain journey from ideation to commercialization.

What makes us different?

We understand your business and industry better than anyone else. This isn’t our first rodeo as we have built many blockchain apps and have helped many clients around the world develop their blockchain strategy.

What we have built

  • Deed and Title transfers
  • Corporate voting
  • Interbank operations
  • Real-time loyalty points distribution and redemption
  • Health data management
  • Fraud management
  • Genome data storage and distribution
  • Hotel and travel booking
  • Shipping and logistics
  • Disaster relief procurement

Our Blockchain development team includes more than 20 professionals. We have developed over 30 blockchain-related prototypes, covering a multitude of use cases such as sharing genomics and clinical data, pharmaceutical supply chain, digital identity, cross-border payments, trade finance, and loyalty and rewards programs, as well as distinct efforts for the investment management and insurance sectors.

Tech Bullion
Blockchain and Sandwich Shops

Blockchain creates a true free market. It can take down any institutional power that stands too high as a despot in an industry. Decentralization is proven even outside of blockchain. Amazon, for exampl...

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